The Complete Greenlife Stroke Remedy


This is a sudden attack from the brain, resulting in paralysis, partial or whole

3 x ST Pills (Stroke & Brain Damage)

ST pills is a pure natural herbal products for prevention & treatment of cardiac & cerebral vascular  diseases, paralysis, stroke and brain damage.

2 x B- Care (Stroke, Heart Disease & Blood Circulation)

It improves the functions of the vascular system. it ameliorates damaged vessels, improves blood system, promote and increase the functions of the central nervous system, protects cerebral tissues and lastly improves respiratory functions. Symptoms are: cerebrovascular disease, cardiovascular diseases, disorder of circulation of end brush, disturbance in the nerve of the eye region.

Danshen Plus (Heart Diseases Treatment)

It promotes blood circulation, removing blood stasis, inducing resuscitation by means of aromatics and regulating blood flow to alleviate pain. Symptoms:  coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, oppressed felling in the chest and strong sharp pain. also dysmenorrhea or amenorrhea, and in bruises

Double Ginseng Capsule (Energy & Blood Circulation)

It reinforces vital energy, eliminate blood stasis and improve blood circulation. It also treat fatigue, weakness, swelling legs, pains, impotence, hypertension, heart failure, diabetes and other chronic diseases of poor blood circulation.

Chinese Royal Tea (Healthy Drink)

This is a healthy drink used to clean the intestinal tract, remove oil after meals, give the stomach warm protection and reduce sugar level. It is also a detoxin, an anti-aging and anti-cancer tea.
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This is a sudden attack from the brain, resulting in paralysis, partial or whole.


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