Double Ginseng Capsule (Energy & Blood Circulation)


It reinforces vital energy, eliminate blood stasis and improve blood circulation. It also treat fatigue, weakness, swelling legs, pains, impotence, hypertension, heart failure, diabetes and other chronic diseases of poor blood circulation.

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Double Ginseng capsule is processed from extract of famous Chinese ginsengs which are widely planted in high mountains in cold northern part of China. It helps blood circulation, restores energy and blood. It stimulates the immune system, prevents and treats many heart or blood circulation problems. It also is good for diabetes patients.

Active Ingredients:  Panax ginseng, savia miltorrhiza, Radix ginseng, gingko leaf extract, cordyceps

Additional information

Dosage and Administration

2 capsules, twice daily


Not for pregnant women


60 capsules per bottle


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