5 Basic Health Tips You Should Observe Daily

Naturally, the human body is organized in such a way that when we do the  right thing at the right time, there will be no reason for us to get sick or get old before old age. To maintain a healthy living we need to observe the following health tips.

Detoxify: We accumulate a lot of toxins through the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. Greenlife Detoxin tablet will assist our body system to get rid of toxins. It is an internal cleanser & blood purifier. It transports oxygen to the brain. Detoxin cleanses the system of foreign substances, body waste products, toxin and free radiates that get into the body through inhalation and polluted air, food and vegetables planted with fertilizers and the use of herbicides, pesticides on plants, chemicals from orthodox drugs and so on. Other internal detoxifiers are Angel tea and Haem pills

Build Your Immune System: Our Immune system is the body’s defence; It protects our body from foreign invader of pathogens. Low Immunity can allow all kinds of different diseases to invade our body system.

Achieve Micro Circulations: Blood is life; it is the chief transporter in our body system. Blood transport oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. Cholesterol/blood lips block the passage for blood in the blood vessels, the veins, arteries and capillaries. Lack of normal blood flow can cause a lot of heart diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, angina pectoris and the end result is CARDIAC ARREST. Use Greenlife’s Danshen Plus to achieve micro circulation (Blood circulation at capillary level). Different type of MASSAGERS will help you achieve that. You can use Greenlife Healthy Life Mat

Take The Right Nutrients: We need balanced diet to keep healthy at cellular level. Because of the poor economic condition of our environment, busy schedules, or ignorance, we end up not taking what we need  but taking what we can afford or what we want. The red and white blood cells renew itself  every seven years, but due to lack of proper nutrients, they breakdown and this can result to formation of radical cells that destroy even more cells & this can result to a lot of malfunctions in the body system, abnormal growths such as lumps, fibroid, cancer and so on. To prevent a lot diseases, we need to take the six classes of food at their proportion. The Alkaline and acidic contents of our food intake is also important.

Avoid Stress: Stress is a silent killer disease. Stress upsets the body normal balance, creating the breeding space for so many illness such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, endocrine system diseases, metabolic diseases and infection of different kinds. Stress is said to have contributed to 80% of illnesses. When we are under stress, the body naturally responds with the fight or flight mechanism of the renel gland. This response from the body can result to the increase of Adrenaline secretion, high blood pressure , increased heart beat, tension in the muscles, digestive problems etc.


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